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Making Twitter Tolerable, One Glitch App At A Time – Glitch – Medium

Image Just turned off all retweets. Going to the next step.

Switching to bspwm

bspwm is a fancy tiling window manager like i3. Is it better? Perhaps. By Fr0xk - Own work , CC BY-SA 4.0 , Link

Using Certbot like a pro

  3 deep insights into certbot that enables you to use it like a professional understanding-certbot/

What Can an Individual Do?

If you don't have time to read the entire post, watch this video: Here is the context:

Indic Keyboard for android wins Mozilla Open Source Support award


Ola's license suspended in Bengaluru for the next six months by RTO | The News Minute In another news, Gujarat police arrested some youth playing PUBG. What is happening in this world?

This beautiful pot represents the test post that I'm making

This beautiful pot represents the test post that I'm making via Instagram

Think Bigger: A Generalist Manifesto (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)

Swartz had written long long back about being a generalist. Never noticed.

Review: 1984

1984 by George Orwell My rating: 5 of 5 stars I don't know what makes everyone like this book. Is it the horror? Is it the eerie resemblance to reality? Is it the inescapable big brother watching over them that is making them like it? It is THOUGHTCRIME to think so. View all my reviews

Reviving community medicine in India: The need to perform our primary role | International Journal of Medicine and Public Health

A thought provoking article about the real role of community medicine

Interactive Textbook with Adaptive Level of Complexity

An idea I've been having since a long time.

Exploring mode This is a fantastic blog by @swathisb01

Now testing longer notes

As you might know, twitter has a character limit. What if I reach above that? There is a very easy chance that one overcomes the character limit of twitter. That is not because people are usually lavish with their words, but that is only because twitter is frugal about what it lets others enter into it. So, twitter cannot have more characters. But that is not true for my sharing platform. I have built something for myself based on Blogger. And Blogger allows unlimited characters, virtually. There is a lot I can write and it won't matter. The only question then is how it will appear on twitter. This post will answer that.

Sharing platform

As you may have already seen, this is emerging as a fantastic platform alternative to Instagram and Twitter with me retaining control.

New image test

Hello there. This is another test post.  Here is a link:

Moving away from twitter

This is my new twitter. I will be sharing content here and only here. That is to say, this will be the primary medium for sharing out links and lot of other things. Articles, URLs, websites, images, what not. It will be my instagram also. It will be my showcase.

Simple Twitter Replacement