Organizations, Like People, Have Values

People who are stuck in unhappy relationships with organizations need to read this

What to do with privilege?

The red pill of Indian politics

The red pill of Indian politics

The Connection Between Curiosity and Knowledge

Aren't you curious to know what's in this post?

How Not Having a Computer Science Degree Makes Me a Good Programmer

"In India, you can have a PhD in bicycling without knowing how to ride a bicycle."

Why I Won't Write Tweets Any More

Twitter creates social problems too.

Project MUSE - Pains And Gains Of Rural Health Practice: Lessons Books Never Taught  

Do You Think All Human Beings Are Equal?

More Than a Word: Neo-Colonialism in Today’s Vocabulary. | BMJ Global Health blog

More Than a Word: Neo-Colonialism in Today’s Vocabulary. | BMJ Global Health blog

On the Side of Facts - Columbia Journalism Review


Going Dark Theme in Gnome Shell, Firefox, and all sites that support it

Image Did you know Gnome Shell has dark theme like android that applies to websites as well?

How Many Genders Are There In Our Languages?

Image What do you call an offspring who is gender non-binary in your language?

Verifying Telegram's Reproducible Build Diff Tool

Image A simple programming tongue twister challenge inside

Understanding Socialism

Image Finally, I get it.

Why I Stopped Caring About Mozilla

Image An explanation post wasn't really necessary. But I feel like it is my privilege to rant once about an organization that cares little about the community.

IndiaOS 2020 - event report

Image Inaccuracies and mistakes are entirely mine. @indiaosconf @smcproject

[Newsletter] Deep Work

Image As is usual, new year is an opportunity to restart things and start fresh things. Here are some fresh things from my life.

Good Riddance, WhatsApp!


Bad, Java! Builder Pattern, Fluent Programming

Image In this post on learning Java (and OOP) as a functional programming person, I look at the builder pattern, what problem it solves, and why it may be that way

Fixing the World is Whose Responsibility?

Who will fix the world if everyone is busy in their own small world?

Lessons One Should Learn From Shehla Sherin's Death

Image Mistakes happen and people die. But, it would be stupid not to learn from others' mistakes. This is a post written for young doctors, but may also be useful for a lot of older doctors (and non-doctors). #MedicalEducation #EmergencyDepartment #practice #PrimaryCare

What is GirlScript?

Absolute must read if you complain about our technological capabilities. #girlscript #TechEd

Why obvious lies make great propaganda

This is a must watch video about propaganda. Tells you why fact checking never seems to be enough.  

Solidarity Boycott & Mastodon comment

In a way the federation is reminiscent of the past of world wide web. The web is a network of entities and their websites connected through hyperlinks. The generation of internet users who came online after the rise of the platforms haven't been able to experience the richness of the open web. The harms of letting monopolies control individuals' attention has been well documented in recent democratic elections all over the world. Mastodon is an experience in individuality and freedom for such netizens.

Intermediary Liability and the Duty of Care Approach in Software

Image This post isn't as technical as it may sound. It is about whether we should have laws that control what online services (like google, facebook) can or can't do.

Fake Liberal/Progressive Twitter Accounts (IT Cell Caught in Action)


Permanent Record (Book Review)

Image Snowden's answer to "What to do when doing good is bad for you?"

Understanding Adrenaline Dosage

Image Can you tell the adrenaline dosage for anaphylactic shock off the top of your head?

Addon Distributor (for self-hosted web extensions) in Rust


This Is How To Make Your Kids Amazing: 4 Secrets From Research - Barking Up The Wrong Tree


The Curious Case of Consultation Fees in General Practice

Image What is a reasonable consultation fee in general practice?

Healthcare in Consumer Protection Act 2019, VP Shantha and why you should read the source


Dear @rbalu Analyzing local actors & processes

Image Very insightful conversation

Magnesium Deficiency: An Undiagnosed Epidemic Behind the Epidemics of Heart Disease and Diabetes | A Country Doctor Writes:


Debating the Top HIV/AIDS Research Papers with Dr. Raphael Landovitz | Open Forum Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic

Image It is so nice to read the transcript while listening to this podcast.

Practical Career Guide for First Benchers


Meftal-Spas vs Meftal-Forte for Menstrual Pain


Back Again | Akshay's Newsletter

Hello there, It has been an incredibly long time since I last sent you a newsletter. That has not been because of complacency, but rather because of technical issues in setting up a newsletter server. Now, I have built a software on my own to be able to send newsletters and therefore I hope to be able to send a lot more newsletters in the coming days. Posts Last week I wrote a lot of posts. But the one I really want you to read and think about is the one on "reverse sexism". Is it possible for a woman to be sexist towards a man? If you think the answer is straightforward, please do read the post and let me know your comment by replying to this mail. That newsletter software I mentioned in the beginning, I have written about it here . That is it for today. Lots more to come in the coming weeks. -- Akshay S Dinesh This message was sent to email address. If you want to stop receiving emails from me, just send me a message with the subject

How Did I Become A Programmer?


Consent of the Pediatric Patient

Can a child not accompanied by a guardian consult a doctor?

The Power and Limits of Classification — A 32-Year-Old Man with Abdominal Pain

Image is my response

Watch "DEAR AUNTY (SPOKEN WORD POEM) | AN OPEN LETTER | YUVAA | Ft. Aisha Ahmed, Yashaswini Dayama" on YouTube


Anarchic Conferences

Are there limits to what anarchic systems can do? Can an anarchic system organize an offline conference?

Are Libraries in Our Medical Institutes Dead?


Your Life Problems are Really Learning Challenges in Disguise | Scott H Young


A long read on why Facebook's monopoly is harmful


Why "Regulations" Are Often Not Helpful Solutions

Image To everyone who carelessly throw around the words "more regulations" without realizing what it actually means

How To Travel in Bangalore

Image LifeProTips on traveling in Bangalore.

Product Idea: "Explain My Prescription To Me" Service


Girish Shahane: Why it is in India’s medium-term interest to keep Prime Minister Modi in power

The most sensible reason to vote BJP to power again

Alzheimer's Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes–Evidence Reviewed

Very interesting perspective. Possibly a very helpful insight in management as well.

570 Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start in April


Making Twitter Tolerable, One Glitch App At A Time – Glitch – Medium

Image Just turned off all retweets. Going to the next step.

Switching to bspwm

bspwm is a fancy tiling window manager like i3. Is it better? Perhaps. By Fr0xk - Own work , CC BY-SA 4.0 , Link

Using Certbot like a pro

  3 deep insights into certbot that enables you to use it like a professional understanding-certbot/

What Can an Individual Do?

If you don't have time to read the entire post, watch this video: Here is the context:

Indic Keyboard for android wins Mozilla Open Source Support award


Ola's license suspended in Bengaluru for the next six months by RTO | The News Minute In another news, Gujarat police arrested some youth playing PUBG. What is happening in this world?

This beautiful pot represents the test post that I'm making

This beautiful pot represents the test post that I'm making via Instagram

Think Bigger: A Generalist Manifesto (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)

Swartz had written long long back about being a generalist. Never noticed.

Review: 1984

1984 by George Orwell My rating: 5 of 5 stars I don't know what makes everyone like this book. Is it the horror? Is it the eerie resemblance to reality? Is it the inescapable big brother watching over them that is making them like it? It is THOUGHTCRIME to think so. View all my reviews

Reviving community medicine in India: The need to perform our primary role | International Journal of Medicine and Public Health

A thought provoking article about the real role of community medicine

Interactive Textbook with Adaptive Level of Complexity

An idea I've been having since a long time.

Exploring mode This is a fantastic blog by @swathisb01

Now testing longer notes

As you might know, twitter has a character limit. What if I reach above that? There is a very easy chance that one overcomes the character limit of twitter. That is not because people are usually lavish with their words, but that is only because twitter is frugal about what it lets others enter into it. So, twitter cannot have more characters. But that is not true for my sharing platform. I have built something for myself based on Blogger. And Blogger allows unlimited characters, virtually. There is a lot I can write and it won't matter. The only question then is how it will appear on twitter. This post will answer that.