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Lessons One Should Learn From Shehla Sherin's Death

Image Mistakes happen and people die. But, it would be stupid not to learn from others' mistakes. This is a post written for young doctors, but may also be useful for a lot of older doctors (and non-doctors). #MedicalEducation #EmergencyDepartment #practice #PrimaryCare

What is GirlScript?

Absolute must read if you complain about our technological capabilities. #girlscript #TechEd

Why obvious lies make great propaganda

This is a must watch video about propaganda. Tells you why fact checking never seems to be enough.  

Solidarity Boycott & Mastodon comment

In a way the federation is reminiscent of the past of world wide web. The web is a network of entities and their websites connected through hyperlinks. The generation of internet users who came online after the rise of the platforms haven't been able to experience the richness of the open web. The harms of letting monopolies control individuals' attention has been well documented in recent democratic elections all over the world. Mastodon is an experience in individuality and freedom for such netizens.